Hydro Power

Utility of Hydro Power

Latitude Group’s portfolio covers a variety of hydro power plants, from Micro, Small and large Hydro Power plants. Our team works to make sure your hydro plant delivers maximum performance, reliability and sustainability. Our professional design engineering, results in reduced lead times and costs, making the small hydro power plant portfolio an ideal choice for plant operators.

Our expertise team having more than a decade experience in all aspects of hydro power Solutions – from initial studies to design, management, construction, installation, maintenance, operation, and training


    Topographical  Survey
    Geological , Geo Technical survey
    Technical Consultancy Services
    Feasibility Studies
    Techno- Economic Study
    Tendering, Bidding Document Preparation
    EIA/SIA Studies
    Energy Efficiency Solutions
    Project Management Consultancy
    Detail Design Engineering
    Installation & Commissioning
    Community Mini Grid & Hybrid Grid Network
    Turn Key Project Solutions
    Capacity Building and Skill Development training
    Women & Rural Empowerment
    Rural Electrification Solutions