Utility of Bio Energy

Bio Mass is any organic, i.e. decomposable matter derived from plants or animals available on a renewable basis. Biomass includes wood and agricultural crops, herbaceous and woody energy crops, municipal organic wastes, Night soil, cattle dung as well as manure

Latitude Group’s environmental engineering team expertise in waste treatment plant management and operation. It includes the following service on technical consultancy, detailed and conceptual design for Solid Waste Treatment Facilities (Mechanical, Biological, thermal treatment), energy from waste, landfills, transfer stations, dumpsites rehabilitation, Material Recovery Facility centre, Micro Composting plant and Water treatment plants, Bio Gas plants for thermal application and for power generation.

Latitude Group provides integrated waste management solutions for Municipal solid waste to make the environment a zero waste zones so as to utilize all the waste instead of dumping them in dumpsite or landfills.


    Technical Consultancy Services
    Techno- Economic Study
    Tendering, Bidding Document Preparation
    EIA/SIA Studies
    Energy Efficiency Solutions
    Project Management Consultancy
    Detail Design Engineering
    Installation & Commissioning
    Turn Key Project Solutions
    Capacity Building and Skill Development training
    Women & Rural Empowerment
    Rural Electrification Solutions