Hydro Power Completed Projects - International

Completed Projects - International

Feasibility Study-Nam Gnong HPP (5 MW), Bolikhamsay Province, Lao PDR

Feasibility Study- Nam Ming (5 MW), Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR

Review of Feasibility Study – Nam Poui HPP (50 MW), Xayabury Province, Lao PDR

Pre Feasibility Study – Nam Hai HPP, Khammoune Province, Lao PDR

Pre Feasibility Study Review – Donsom-Donyang HHP, Champasak Province, Lao PDR


DPR preparation of Middle Phawa Khola Mini HEP (400kW), Taplejung, Nepal.

DPR update and review of Kailash Khola Mini HEP (850kW), Accham, Nepal.

Interconnection of four micro hydropower projects in Taplejung District, Nepal forming Mini Grid Network.

Detail feasibility study of 11 KV Transmission Survey, Design, Seven Micro Hydropower for Mini Grid Interconnection in Taplejung District, Nepal.

Desk Study report preparation work of Upper Phawa Khoa Small Hydropower Project (1 MW), Phawa Khola VDC, Taplejung, Nepal.

Ongoing Projects

 Review of Pre Feasibility Study of Donsom-Donyang HHP (70 MW) Champasak Province, Lao PDR –Jan 2018 Onwards

Solar Power Completed Projects - International

Completed Projects - International

Installations by Latitude Module -International

Installation Type Customer Location Country Size in KWp
Solar Power Plant Bliztrom GmbH, Germany


Dimbach Germany 1456
Solar Power Plant Niederwerrn Germany 75
Solar Power Plant Dimbach Germany 123
Solar Power Plant Fuchsstadt Germany 41
Solar Power Plant Pollanten Germany 3
Solar Power Plant Unterspiesheim Germany 60
On Roof System Volkach Germany 35
On Roof System Frankfurt Germany 120
Solar Power Plant Immoda Solar S.A., Spain Albacete Spain 2400
Solar Power Plant Extra mud ra Spain 650
Solar Power Plant Cuneca Spain 3000
Solar Power Plant Campollano-Albacete Spain 6000
Solar Power Plant GenyalEnergia S.A., Spain La Roda Spain 1000
Solar Power Plant Monforte Spain 110
Solar Power Plant Merida Spain 330
Solar Power Plant Sevilla Spain 990
Solar Power Plant Spain 2115
On Roof System Portugal 150
On Roof System Pontevedra Spain 30
Solar Power Plant Sctaec Solar, Norway Hrusovany Czech Republic 2100
Solar Power Plant Suniva Inc., USA North Carolina USA 550
On Roof System North Carolina USA 240
Ground-Mounted Lamelle Italy 1000
Ground-Mounted Milligrani Italy 1000
Ground-Mounted Litara Italy 1000
Ground-Mounted S. Alleini Italy 1000
Ground-Mounted Lena Italy 1000
Ground-Mounted Georgia USA 200
On Roof System Georgia USA 116
On Roof System Georgia USA 100

EPC Projects in India

Installation Type Customer Location Size in KWp
On Roof System TITAN Energy Systems Limited, Hyderabad Hyderabad 100
Solar Power Plant Oil & Natural Gas Commission, Mumbai Mumbai 184
Solar Power Plant Sactec Solar, Norway Gopalpura 10
Solar Power Plant West Bengal Green Energy Development Corporation Limited West Bengal West Bengal 1000
Solar Power Plant Karnataka Power Corporation Limited, Bangalore Bangalore 3000
Solar Power Plant Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Bangalore Raichur 3000
Solar Power Plant Essar Power Projects Limited, Mumbai Gujarat 1000
On Roof System Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Bangalore Bangalore 2.8

Bio Energy Completed Projects - International

Completed Projects - International

Micro Composting Plant O & M– Rudrapur whole Sale Vegetable Mandi, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

Detail Feasibility Study of Large Bio Gas Power Generation, Birat Nagar, Nepal.